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small cell lung cancer

We’re working with the leading cancer institutes around the world to launch new lung cancer awareness initiatives and funding innovative research to deliver a viable treatment option for small cell lung cancer.

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Cathy Minutillo Foundation

Our Mission

The Cathy Minutillo Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for small cell lung cancer. We collaborate with the leading cancer institutes around the world to fund the most ambitious research and accelerate the development of innovative treatments. We WILL deliver a viable treatment option for small cell lung cancer.

About Cathy

Cathy was one of those rare people that dedicated herself to being a true light in this world. She had an enormous impact on everyone that knew her and took exceptional pride in helping and supporting others. She truly exemplified what it means to be selfless. 

In February of 2015, Cathy was diagnosed with extensive stage, small cell lung cancer, although she never smoked a day in her life. Throughout the next year and a half, she ferociously battled every day, undergoing over 400 hours of treatment and surgery. She devoted every ounce of energy to fighting and researching the disease. 

Cathy is one of the longest people to live with small cell lung cancer when it has metastasized to the central nervous system. CMF was created to find a cure for small cell lung cancer so good people like Cathy are never affected by the disease again.

Check out our small cell lung cancer database that provides all the latest clinical research about the disease

Because small cell lung cancer is so rare, the amount of information available regarding the disease is extremely limited. Thus, we’ve created a database that provides a comprehensive list of all the information patients need to know about the disease.
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Stanford Cancer Center takes part in CMF’s Fund-a-Family Program

We’ve created a Fund-a-Family program to completely pay for cancer treatment for families that can’t afford it. Nearly 25% of patients with health insurance can’t afford to pay for cancer treatment, so we’re excited to announce Stanford is partnering up with us to mitigate this issue.
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